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(Ruen- France, IMPA Brazil)

Title: Steady state large deviations for one-dimensional, symmetric exclusion processes in weak contact with reservoirs.

(Roma I -La Sapienza)

Title: On the probability of observing energy increasing solutions to the Boltzmann equation.

(Roma 3 & Centro Linceo Interdisciplinare B. Segre)

Title: Spontaneous magnetization in the classical 3D Heisenberg model: asymptotic nature of the low temperature expansion.

(TU Darmstadt)

Title: A lower bound for the effective mass of the Fröhlich polaron at strong coupling .

(Sapienza, Università di Roma)

Title: Percolative metal-to-superconductor transition in superconductors with disorder at the nanoscale

(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Title: Some results on a simple model of kinetic theory

(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Some results on a simple model of kinetic theory

Date : June 20, 2022 at 14:30 (italian time)

The seminar will be held in presence in the GSSI-Main Lecture Hall, and streamed through zoom

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In 1955, Mark Kac introduced a simple model to study the

evolution of a gas of particles undergoing pairwise collisions. Although

extremely simplified to be rigorously treatable, the model maintains

interesting aspects of gas dynamics. In recent years, we worked to

extend the analysis to more "realistic" versions of the original model.

I will introduce the Kac model and present some standard and more recent

results. These results refer to a system with a fixed number of

particles and at fixed kinetic energy (micro canonical ensemble) or

temperature (canonical ensemble). I will introduce a "Grand Canonical"

version of the Kac system and discuss new results on it.