Dear all of the SMAQ group,

we are happy to announce that we rescheduled the school 

“From Equilibrium Phenomena to Open Quantum System”,  

originally to be held at GSSI in 2020, for the week March 22-26, 2021.  

Due to the current situation the school will be held in an online format. Further information is available on the website:  

This is the second event of the series Gran Sasso Quantum Meetings (here the link to the past edition), meant to gather together researchers and students interested in the mathematics of quantum mechanics. 

The school aims at providing an overview of some research lines on the mathematical features of quantum mechanics, ranging from few- and many-body operator theory to equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. The event is addressed to PhD students and young researchers and consists of three courses by leading experts on the field, invited talks and contributed talks by the participants.

The courses assume some basic knowledge in quantum mechanics which will be however covered  in a preparatory class given at GSSI during the first 3 weeks of March (see the GSSI academic calendar for details).      

The main courses will be given by:  

The invited talks will be given by

The school will be held online on the zoom platform. 

Interested people are kindly requested to register by March 20th, 2021. The meeting ID and password will be sent by email.  We welcome submissions for contributed talks (deadline for submission: February 28, 2021). 

our seminars

title:  Clausius inequality and entropy solutions from microscopic dynamics 

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