Thieu Thi Kim Thoa

PhD student at Gran Sasso Science Institute

Research fields

I am interested in developing mathematical models describing the joint evolution of active and passive populations. We investigate two distinct descriptions:

  1. a continuous one with deterministic dynamics (i.e. a PDE system coupling fast-slow flows in porous media via Forchheimer-like equations coupled with diffusion via non-linear interaction terms),

  2. a discrete one with Monte Carlo stochastic dynamics (i.e. a gas dynamics formalism involving two species driven by different dynamics competing via simple exclusion processes for the same lattice).

Our ultimate goal is to unite these descriptions into a multiscale, hybrid (coupled deterministic/stochastic) evolution system. We provide mathematical analysis and simulation results for parts of the proposed models.

This work is done jointly with Prof. Adrian Muntean (Karlstad, Sweden), Prof. Emilio Cirillo (Rome, Italy) together with Assoc. Prof. Matteo Colangeli (L'Aquila, Italy).