Stefano Olla

Research fields

I work in probability problems arising in equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

Here are some subject of my recent research activity:

  • Hydrodynamic limits in hyperbolic scaling of interacting particles with boundary conditions. Fluctuations and large deviations in hyperbolic scaling.

  • Boundary conditions in entropic solutions of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws.

  • Hydrodynamic limits in quantum dynamics.

  • Kinetic and high frequency limits with thermal boundary conditions.

  • Hydrodynamic limits for energy super-diffusion, fractional heat equations with thermal boundaries.

  • Hydrodynamic limits for diffusive systems with more conserved quantities, with thermal and mechanical boundary forces.

  • Non-equilibrium stationary states. Phase transitions in non-equilibrium stationary states, fluctuations of interfaces between phases in non-equilibrium.

  • Quasi static hydrodynamic limits and their large deviations.